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Rapid Biomechanics Simulation for Personalized Clinical Design (RAINBOW) is a 'Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Training Network', awarded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The network consists of 5 universities, 1 hospital, 8 industrial partners, located in Denmark, Spain, Luxembourg, England, France and Germany. See details in the list of participants.

The purpose of the network is to educate a total of 15 PhD fellows ('Early Stage Researchers', ESRs) through common dedicated training activities and research stays. The training objective is to balance the scientific training and the transferrable skills training to ensure that the ESRs will build skills to enable careers in the academic as well as in the non-academic sectors.

The RAINBOW research objective is to realize the full potential of computational medicine and ICT to arrive at patient-specific simulation models that are rapidly set for a particular patient, are easy-to-use by clinical experts and do not require assistance from a technical team. The ESRs will be exposed to clinical practice and get close to patients and clinical experts while working both with theory and creating software, design tools, to be used by clinical experts.

Read further on the research topics of each of the 15 ESRs.

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