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ESR 1: Hip Growth Simulator

ESR 1: Hip Growth Simulator

Host institution: University of Copenhagen (UCPH, DK)
Supervisor: Kenny Erleben, UCPH
Clinical expert co-supervisor: Dr. Christian Wong, Hvidovre Hospital(HH, DK. DK website)
Further institution involved: University of Luxembourg (UL, LU)


For children and adolescents a biomechanical understanding of the growth and development of hip joint are a prerequisite for understanding early-onset hip arthrosis and treatment. We will create a ‘growth simulator’ for clinical use to obtain an intimate understanding of pre-arthrosis deformities and related surgeries. To achieve minimal user-intervention, we use spatialtemporal- adaptive interface-tracking meshing methods to generate quality meshes from recordings of femoral and acetabular growth obtained with the radiostereometric X-ray method (RSA). We will create a design decision tool for clinical experts combining HQ automatic meshing tools with parallel biomechanical FEMA and model-order reduction methods.

Expected Results

Development of suitable growth model of the acetabulum and proximal femur in the child using FEA. In collaboration with ESR2 combine FEA and RSA-based growth simulation for surgical intervention of guided growth.

Planned research stays

  • UCPH (6 months): Studying numerical properties for quality measuring of hip joint.
  • UL (4 months): Training in mechanical simulation and model-order reduction.
  • HH (6 months): Training in making patient specific FE models of hip joint.
  • UCPH (20 months): Combining FE simulation with RSA based growth model, clinical testing and thesis writing.

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