Advisors and Managers

Stéphane Bordas: Training Manager

Portrait of Stéphane BordasProfessor, Université de Luxembourg. Chairs the Training Assembly, that reports to the Supervisory Board concerning all training activities. Prof Bordas will ensure that the training provided by different hosts is of high quality. He oversees the training plans of fellows drawn up in collaboration between supervisor and fellow. He oversees the fellows training in relevant research skills, completion of courses, training in project management and the general progress of fellows in all relevant areas.

Sune Darkner: Personal Data Manager

Portrait of Sune DarknerAssociate Professor, University of Copenhagen. As Personal Data Manager Sune holds the responsibility of ensuring correct handling of personal data according to relevant national authorizations. The partners in RAINBOW will be responsible to Sune Darkner for ensuring that they have all necessary approvals in place before they start work on research involving personal data. Copies of both existing and new ethical approvals needed will be provided to Prof Darkner in advance of research being carried out.

Sarah Niebe: Chair of the career mentor network

Portrait of Sarah NiebeVisual Computing Engineer, Alexandra Institute and part of RAINBOW Coordinator team. Chairs the female career mentor network that consists of mentors offered for ESRs recruited from outside of the their immediate work environment to help them qualify as independent researchers and, on the longer run, help them establish themselves as technicians and research leaders in the field. As chair, Sarah Niebe will be invited to participate in all supervisor board meetings. The mentors will be asked to join the Training Assembly.

Jocelyn Troccaz: Scientific Misconduct Advisor

Portrait of Jocelyn troccazResearch Director, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique au TIMC-IMAG - Université Grenoble Alpes. As Scientific Misconduct Advisor JOcelyne is to be contacted by any person in the consortium or ESRs with any suspicion or allegations about deviation from codes of research conduct as defined by the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. She will advice the consortium to follow national codes of conduct and disciplinary or national ethical guidelines that apply. Supported by UCPH office, she will ensure that any alleged research misconduct will be brought to the immediate attention and investigated according to the laws and sovereignty of the states of all participating parties. She will report any misconduct at supervisor board meetings. She may be used by consortium individuals in discretion to prove/dis-prove allegations about misconduct of research.

Viet Bui Xuan: IPR Mananger

Portrait of Viet Bui XuanR&D Manager of the Simpleware Product Group at Synopsys. In the function as IPR Manager, Viet will continuously monitor the IPR generated in RAINBOW, through proactive collaboration with the 15 ESRs and the PIs at hosting institutions. He will ensure protection of the IPR before the results are disseminated and communicated to the wider European public. He will read all draft publications relating to RAINBOW to ensure that appropriate action is taken on IPR prior to their submission.