Early Stage Researcher Representative

The RAINBOW network has agreed internally and with the EU Commission that the Early Stage Researchers must be represented in the management structure of the network. This is to be implemented by including one Early Stage Researcher in the Supervisory board to represent the views of the 15 Early Stage Researchers in RAINBOW. Ref. the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement, the content of which is reflected in this description of the RAINBOW management.

About the post

The duties of an ESR representative is on a continuous basis to have a dialogue with fellow ESRs in order to be able to represent the views of the ESRs to the Supervisor Board. The supervisor board will meet twice a year (usually March and September) and the ESR representative will participate in these meetings. It is on these occasions that ESR representative pass on the ESRs’ views to the board.

Election of the representative

Each year, during the Annual Workshop in Spring, RAINBOW's ESRs elects their ESR representative among their midst. The ESR representative is elected for the duration of a year.

ESR representative  

Current: Saurabh Deshpande, elected in Annual Workshop III, 18 March 2021. Election period until ultimo March 2022, the official end date of RAINBOW. 

Past: Thomas Alscher, elected in Annual Workshop I on 23 May 2019. Election period until Annual Workshop II, March 2020. Re-elected for the period until Annual Workshop III March 2021.

Past: José Tacon. Elected as interim representative upon internal communication among the ESR elected by mid March 2019. Election period until Annual Workshop I, 23 May 2019.