Supervisory Board

The main decision making body for RAINBOW is the Supervisory Board (SB). All supervisors and co-supervisors from all participants meet every 6 months for the Supervisory Board meetings. The RAINBOW Early Stage Researchers are represented in the SB by one ESR elected by the ESR peers to ensure proper representation of their views at the SB level (further reading). Further, the external advisor of Scientific Misconduct takes part in the board along with the internal managers of IPR, Personal Data Management and Training. The external Female Career Advisor is invited to participate in the meetings (further reading on advisors and managers). The SB meetings are chaired by the coordinator, Kenny Erleben.

Voting system

Where total consensus cannot be reached, decisions are reached by utilizing a majority voting system. Decisions are made by vote, with each present board members vote carrying equal weight. Absent members are allowed to vote by proxy, if they provide written evidence that proxy is given to another present member. If a particular vote ends in a tie, the coordinator’s vote carries double weight to ensure progress. Non-beneficiaries are most welcome to participate in the meetings, but do not have voting rights.


More participants are welcome at the SB meetings (from both Beneficiaries, Partner Organizations and ESRs), but are then not officially a part of the SB.

Meeting schedule

Kick-off meeting Copenhagen
17 November 2017
Supervisory Board Meeting 1 Copenhagen
7 September 2018
Supervisory Board Meeting 2 and 'Project check' (EU Project Officer visit) - interspersed by Annual Workshop and PhD course Copenhagen
22 and 24 May  2019
Supervisory Board Meeting 3 Copenhagen
6 September 2019
Supervisory Board Meeting 4 and Annual Workshop II Virtual
SB meeting 14 April 2020
AW2 27 March and 3 April 2020
Supervisory Board Meeting 5 Virtual
4 September 2020
Supervisory Board Meeting 6 and Annual Workshop III Virtual
17 - 19 March 2021
Supervisory Board Meeting 7 Virtual
3 September 2021
Supervisory Board Meeting 8 Virtual
28 January 2022
Supervisory Board Meeting 9 Copenhagen
22 April 2022