Personal Development as Research Managers - Module IV


To become successful as ICT-professionals ESRs need profound knowledge and skills in their field and have to develop personal skills that allow them to manage scientific programs, research or working teams and themselves. The RAINBOW program gives the frame for both: profound development of knowledge and skills in the scientific field and personality development. For the later a specific training program for personal development as future leaders in the field of biomechanics simulation for personalized clinical design is offered.

Goals of the Personality Development Program:

The overall goal of the program is to develop individuals able to lead and manage highly efficiently and effectively themselves and others.

  • Build the basis of self-reflection and leadership competences necessary for effective leadership in a scientific environment.
  • Develop team leading competencies to construct a participatory team-leading approach without losing focus and clear targets.
  • Develop communication skills to manage and lead teams and staff.
  • Develop diplomatic, constructive and respectful negotiation skills to conduct negotiations efficiently and to be able to manage conflicts within and between teams.

Organisation of the program:

The following aspects describe the type and organisation of the program:

  • Each participant develops his own personal development project.
  • Combination of modular group sessions of 2 days each year with experience time in between the sessions and individual coaching sessions for each participant.
  • Each group includes about between eight to twelve participants of different nationalities and institutions with different backgrounds. The participants follow the modules as a group.
  • The sessions are organized in combination with other meetings/sessions in the frame of the RAINBOW program in spring each year.
  • Methodology of the sessions: theoretical input, concrete experiences and reflection.

Subject matter of the module: Communication - basics and for staff talks

Module 4: – 2 days, 15/16 March 2021

Course material

Please find the material organized in folders in the Internal Forum > courses > material pmpdrm (section accessed only by project members). 

Preparatory work

  1. Please reflect beforehand what questions do you have concerning the topics of the module and what you expect from the two days? Please write your questions until this Friday 12th March on digital post-it's on the dedicated jamboard
  2. Please think of communication situations that were difficult for you and note down what was difficult so that you can use it during the module.
  3. Please think of presentations you have made during your PhD up to now: What di you like about your presentation? What was not satisfactory? What was difficult for you in presentations? What do you remember as helpful in presentations of others? Please take notes so that you can use them in the modul.

Precedent and future  modules:

Module 1: Kick-off and Personality, 2 days – 21/22 May 2019 - see description of module 1
Individual Coaching session 1 via Skype
Module 2: Team Development – 2 days, 12/13 May 2020 - see description of module 2
Individual Coaching session 1 via Skype
Module 3: Basics of conflict management, polarity management – 3/4 December 2021- see description of module 3

See general programme description of Personal Development as Research Managers for further information